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About Me ...

In 2008 I created my own software development company with a different vision. My desire is to deliver not just a product but also a great experience. To treat customers as people in a world where the mid sized and small businesses can often get lost or poorly treated by the corporates. A place to go for those who have become disillusioned with the impersonal interface of the large IT corporations.

Since 1985 I had been part of that corporate IT machine. I know how it works, or doesn't work as the case may be. I spent most of my working life with some of the largest international software companies in the world, working in, and leading major marketing and product development initiatives around Europe, USA, South Africa and India as well as in my home country of Canada.

So far, I have to say, that being out of the corporate machine is a satisfying undertaking for both myself and my customers.

I was born and grew up as a child in Alberta, however spent most of my life in the UK and Netherlands. We love the outdoors and will often be camping on the summer weekends and skiing in the winter. I enjoy the martial arts and I practice ShotoKhan Karate.

In 2002, in search of a better life, I returned to Calgary Alberta with my wife, two small children and a cat named Charlie - we're glad we came back.

I hold an MBA.